Halloween 2012!

When we got back from Portsmouth on Saturday, we put away our bottled water and cans of tuna and wondered what else we needed to brace ourselves against the storm. Pumpkins! Of course! Last year we carved pumpkins too early in the month and they rotted through before Halloween. This year we waited a little too long, and when we went to Shaw's, there were only two unnaturally large pumpkins and these two mini pumpkins. So we went with the mini ones so we could each carve it and so Mike wouldn't have to deal with the disgusting mess of a large pumpkin. 

Our little pumpkins weathered the storm and they're all ready to light up our stoop for trick or treaters tonight! I've lived in a building for the past few years, so I'm pretty excited to finally live in a house with a doorbell in a neighborhood. What are you doing to celebrate? 
Update: I tied for first place in the costume contest at work! 


Erica said...

Oh, I love carving pumpkins! My husband made a dead pumpkin this year, complete with 'x' eyes. lol!

I've got a big bowl of candy that I can't wait to pass out to trick-or-treaters!!

his little lady said...

Ha, YES! I saw this costume idea on Pinterest and thought it was genius! Too perfect!
xo TJ