When in...West Roxbury

This past weekend Mike and I dogsat for some friends who live all the way out in the middle of nowhere that is known as West Roxbury. It always surprises me how far what people consider "Boston" sprawls; how the GPS tells you you're only nine miles away, but it will take 45 minutes to drive there. But there's a Joann's down the street, so I was satiated. We ordered Chinese food and watched The Village while I made up my very first crochet pattern and Mike napped on the couch from a food coma. Oh, and we got to hang out with the most mild-mannered dog you ever did see. It was a great mini-staycation.

On Sunday we made a big breakfast and headed out to explore the little downtown area near their house. It's basically a main drag of Centre street with a grocery store and random other little stores. We bypassed Starbucks in search of something local, and boy were we glad we did. Sugar Bakery is amazing. First of all, they have a wide spread of goodies to choose from, including whole cakes. We chose a red velvet whoopie pie, M&M cookie, and a coffee to start. And we paid under $5 for it! So we went back for more. Mike's family was coming into town for lunch, so we got them some cookies and a whoopie pie as well and a couple cookies for us to take home. The oatmeal raisin cookie that I had two days after the fact was one of the best I've had. A two day old cookie! Blew my mind! Which blows my mind! So if you ever find yourself visiting/driving through/living/stranded in West Roxbury, check out Sugar Bakery, attached to the Real Deal on Centre Street. And bring me a cookie, will you?


Anonymous said...

I totally get it w/ the sprawl: we have the same thing here in Birmingham! I have a city address but it might take me 30-40 minutes to get to the other side of town. I'd totally drive it for one of those sweets, though!

Erica said...

So fun to dog sit. What kind of dog was he/her? I've got two of my own. Both are troublemakers... lol!

Love your pretty wristwarmers.

And I guess that oatmeal cookie just got better with age ;)

AbbieBabble said...

West Roxbury is such a funny place- I always kind of forget that it exists!

That bakery does sound amazing. I may just need to plan an adventure there.