Working for the weekend.

Every Monday I do that thing where I'm already thinking about the weekend. This past weekend did not disappoint. Meg took me out for a late birthday dinner to Hungry Mother, and it was amazing. This place is on the fancier end of Cambridge restaurants, but not so fancy that you feel like you're just paying for ambience and decor (I'm looking at you, Hawthorne!). We had fried green tomatoes and gnocchi with the tiniest Brussels sprouts I've ever seen and steak with creamed corn and duck and pear tart with the best whipped cream ever. I told Meg to stay away from my whipped cream. 

But it's Thursday now, so the weekend is within reach! Tomorrow Mike's picking me up from work and we're heading straight to New Hampshire for a concert and a night away. There was quite the debacle with Hotwire last night, and it did not end on a happy note. It always blows my mind when customer service manages to actually make things worse (worse than paying $30 more on Hotwire than on the hotel's website...). But! Today is for working from home and making pizza and having only one day left to the work week. Yes.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the weekend! And great food!
Hope you have fun this weekend & I love your blog.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

that dinner sounds delicious! i shouldn't have read that so late at night because now i want a snack! have a great weekend . . . sounds like you will :)