Eating Montreal.

As Jenna put it, the more food we can eat in Montreal = happiness. It's not a proper equation by any means, but there is definitely some wisdom in there. M wanted a "giant crepe with Nutella" and I wanted a bowl of coffee, so we spent our mornings at two of Montreal's markets: Marche Atwater and Marche Jean-Talon. Jean-Talon was farther from our hotel, so we saved that trip for when we were on our way out of the city. We stopped at Fairmount Bagels for hot fresh bagels (the car smelled like garlic the whole way home!) then went onto the market. M and I got a little carried away, getting all of the veggies for the party and for dinners this week. It was so cheap! All of the vendors had samples and after I took a bite of strawberries and tomatoes, I couldn't say no. Unfortunately you're not allowed to bring citrus back over the border, so Ron had to surrender his oranges. Who knew? 

We had one fancy dinner on Saturday for my birthday. The company, appetizers, BYO wine/beer, and dessert (homemade amaretto ice cream! chocolate mousse cake with a sparkler for a candle!) were the best part. It's funny, the most memorable foods we had were small holes in the wall and open air markets. I guess it's the same whether you're home or somewhere else. 

I used this as a loose guide for places we should check out, and while we passed on the fancier options, we managed to hit up most of the others. 

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Magical Day Dream said...

Aah you are killing me. I just had lunch and now I am still craving for all kind of delicious foods haha