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Buying everything pumpkin-spiced from Trader Joe's. Up next is macarons! Who knew?!

Inspired by crochet. I've been checking out books and Googling all kinds of patterns and techniques.

Reading Little Bee, as recommended by C. It's intense (as promised) but also full of wonderful little gems and heartaching moments of humanity. It's funny in that way that really sad books often are.

Looking forward to heading down to Georgia tonight for a wedding. We get barely 48 hours to see my family, snuggle, and go to my friend's wedding then head back in time for dinner on Sunday. There are no plans for sleep in my future.

Enjoying all things fall. I know, shut up about it already, but I love riding my bike in the crisp air, snuggling under a blanket while watching New Girl, the fact that New Girl's back on... so many things to love!

Making everything crocheted. I just checked out Pretty Crochet! from the library and I plan to use my plane time this weekend making some gloves. Wish me luck! 

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Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the pumpkin macaroons. I am going to have to see if I can hunt some down in my city.

I'm definitely on a knitting kick (haven't learned crochet yet) and want to knit a million projects this winter.

Good luck on your crochet gloves!