So many good things.

M and I went to Georgia last weekend for a friend's wedding. It was a short trip—Friday night through Sunday afternoon—but it was such a nice interlude. It reminded me that just because we live so far away doesn't mean we can't be a part of each other's daily lives. We Facetime a lot, but I think come spring, M and I are going to pick some random cheap weekends to just fly down and hang out. I so miss that ability to just hang out with my family. It's always with the background bustle of the holidays, worrying about Boston's weather or at whose house I'll spend Christmas morning. I think those kinds of unnecessary stresses will seem smaller when I can say, I was just here a few months ago. 

I guess we're at that age now, where close friends are tying the knot and having babies. It's funny, I felt older than I've ever felt, but it felt strangely okay. Peaceful even. Like we're all right where we're supposed to be. Even if it isn't always fun or planned or affordable, we're always on our way someplace else, so we might as well enjoy where we are because it won't be this way forever. Going back to Georgia always reminds me of that.

Pictures taken with my iPhone. Photobooth pictures taken with the Pocketbooth app on an iPad. 


Becca said...

You have such a cute blog! I just got back from spending over a month back in the States with my family. I loved it, but it's always to get back home (for us currently: Sicily, Italy). I'm still settling in and definitely missing just hanging out with my family.

Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

that is so true what you say. i love when you say we may as well enjoy where we are at because it won't be this way forever. i definitely live that way, especially as i get older (you see how fast time flies so i guess it becomes so clear!). oh and i responded on my blog to your question :)

Cyndi said...

I can't picture what dress that is. Yes, that's what I was thinking looking at these photos! Glad it was a good trip... also, it's still BIZARRE!