It's fall, y'all.

This weekend was perfect! My best friend C came up for the birthday/housewarming party on Saturday. It was such a good weekend with cake baking (and minor meltdowns that come along with baking cakes from scratch...), pizza eating, dance partying, and gathering so many people I love into our new apartment. A housewarming, indeed! Now M and I have more leftover lasagna than we know what to do with, two cake halves that we are begrudgingly devouring, and less than a week before we head to Georgia for a wedding! October is shaping up to be one busy month. I haven't told my mom that we're coming down this weekend, so I'm most looking forward to the look on her face when we walk in on Friday night. At first I was a little upset at the sky high price of the tickets to go to this wedding, but the random chance to see my family—if only for a weekend—trumps any amount of money left in my savings.

How was your weekend?

1// M and my reflection in the dirty window at the Biodome 
2// Piles of pumpkins at Marche Atwater


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Too late, we just gave the rest to Jenna and Ron!