When I feel most myself.

It's always in the fall that I feel most myself. I know they're just clothes, but I feel most myself in sweaters and long dresses. I feel most myself when I have yarn in my hand or a blanket bunched in my hands under my neck, with a hot cup of coffee in my hands in the morning. I got my love of mornings from my dad. He taught me that those early hours are the best of the day, the quietest, so full of potential. Even now, early mornings before the sun rises feel like Christmas to me. This morning I woke with butterflies in my belly, excited for a friend's birthday (even though I'm sending out the present late!), excited for apple picking this weekend, for a latte, for the September breeze coming in through the window. I have so many projects happening right now, I don't know which one to pick up so I usually end up with all of them sprawled across my lap, taking turns with each one.

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