On displaying vintage cameras and trial & error.

One of the exciting parts about moving in with M (and away from roommates) was being able to decorate each of the rooms for our own tastes. M was especially excited about displaying his vintage camera collection, and when I saw this from Pocketful of Pretty, I knew that was what we had to do. We went to the Brimfield Fair in July and picked up these six frames for about a dollar a piece (and now we're wishing we'd grabbed more, because we have about eight more cameras and no more frames). We wanted a less uniform look and laid out the cameras on the floor to see what we wanted. 
When we were satisfied, we attached fishing line to each camera. Depending on the type of camera and the available nooks and holes on the design, you should attach the fishing line close to the top or middle of the camera. Originally, we wanted to save the walls and use only Command strips and Command hooks. That went out the window when our second camera fell soon after hanging. We still used Command strips to secure the bottoms of the cameras and to keep them from readjusting themselves, but we ended up using little metal picture hangers to attach our fishing line to. 

Though we wanted the fishing line and hanging contraptions to remain hidden by the camera and creating a cool illusion of floating cameras, there were some that we just couldn't make work. We'd rather keep these beauties intact than risk a fall to their death, so one or two have the fishing line visible. But! That's why we used fishing line, so it's not as much of an eye sore. 
This has been one of my favorite projects for the apartment so far, and even though it was a process of trial and error, I think it turned out great.

How do you display your vintage cameras?

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jessemac said...

This is seriously awesome. The answer to your question is that I don't display my vintage cameras at all...well, they're all just on a shelf. Boring. I'm getting so excited to get to our new place and try out some awesome ideas like this. Love how it turned out.