The things to remember. [Summer 2012]

I want to remember the anticipation of looking for a new apartment with M, the butterflies on the day we were to find out if we got the one, practicing for kickball and pulling my quad right before our landlady called with the good news.

I want to remember our walks from Inman Square to Harvard on nights we just needed to get outside. Eating frozen yogurt as we walked home.

I want to remember having M home every night for the first time ever.

I want to remember trips to Ludlow for swims in his parents' pool, Big Family Party, and hours spent wandering JoAnn Fabrics.

I want to remember making pizza every week, even when it was unbelievably hot in our kitchen to turn the oven to 400 degrees.

I want to remember traveling to DC to see C—finally!—and the way our friendship is such a comfort to me and worth more than not sitting on a bus for 12 hours.

I want to remember visiting Georgia with M in tow, meeting Kai for the first time, playing endless games of Guess Who? with Mak, and seeing my mom so proud of her first apartment ever.

I want to remember napping everywhere.

I want to remember Bon Iver, and the first few breezes of Fall, the end of the season as welcome as its beginning.

[Idea for this post courtsey of Elise.]

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