I'll show you what you can do with a mini clothespin.

It's amazing to me how it feels like we're constantly moving in to this apartment. Whether we're rearranging closets, purging old clothes, figuring out where to stuff store the air conditioners, or hanging up decorations we've been meaning to hang, it's just like Gilda Radnor said: It's always something. 

I bought some maps from Black Ink last week, and they've been hanging out wherever I put them in the office since, so I thought I'd finally hang at least one of them up today. I had also picked up some mini clothespins from the Target dollar section a while back, and thought they would be a cute way to get this map on the wall. We were also low on Command strips, so I couldn't just stick them on the back of the map and call it a day. Besides, that would have been boring. 
Step 1: Attach the mini Command strips (or any easily removable wall sticky) to your mini clothespins.
Step 2: Figure out where you'd like your map to hang, measure the width of the map, and hang your clothespins about a half inch in from the edge of the map.
Step 3: Hang your map! Yeah, this didn't really need steps, but I got excited.
Step 5: Bask in the glory of using those mini clothespins that your boyfriend said you had no need for!

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