The Big E.

Y'all. This weekend was great. We sold a bunch of junk stuff at a neighborhood-wide yard sale and made plenty of money to go to the Big E, where we ate fried Oreos, veggie tempura, soft serve ice cream, and Vermont pizza. There's no better way to start the fall than walking around (in jeans! and a sweatshirt!) a big fair.

We ended the weekend with a dip in Mike's parents' pool (which they'd heated to 100 degrees so it felt like a hot tub), some fresh picked tomatoes, and ice cream from Elsie's Creamery—probably the last of the season for us! I had pumpkin ice cream with walnuts, and I can't wait for Trader Joe's to stock their pumpkin ice cream so I can recreate it.

M had a work meeting tonight, so I spent the night sewing curtains for our kitchen! We have a birthday/housewarming party coming up in October, so that's my deadline for curtains and bench cushions and general apartment decor. It always feels good to have a night at home after a long weekend away.

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