Friday's Letters.

I found a birthday dress! For $10! While I was shopping for Toms! That I didn't end up buying! Oh well. 
Dear M, I've missed you on the nights you've had to work late, but I'm excited to finally have curtains to hang this weekend. Dear Honey Pot Hill Farms, We'll see you with our apple-picking best on! Dear Cider Donuts, We're coming for you. Dear Antsyness, You are a brand new feeling that I'm struggling with. All I can think about are new projects I want to start and different things I want to try. I have a feeling lessons in patience and prioritizing are in order. Dear 26th birthday, You came out of nowhere. I still have a week and two days to enjoy my mid-twenties. I'll see you soon enough.


Unknown said...

Happy early birthday! Your birthday dress looks so intriguing! Happy Friday!

Silver from A Silver Snapshot

Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

Happy Birthday!