Bits + Pieces: Weekend edition.

We had apple cider pancakes with fresh apple bits and hot coffee. (Substitute the water in your pancake mix recipe with cider, and voila! You're a breakfast genius!)
 We (read: M) hung the curtains I made and teased me about making only one panel for each window. You sew and you learn, right Alanis?
 We enjoyed the view. 
 I gutted and boiled a fresh pumpkin. 
 Then roasted the seeds and made muffins (not pictured). 
Also not pictured: we had friends over for pizza and beer and homemade apple pie (yes, even the crust!). We went on a date to eat barbecue and watch Celeste & Jess Forever and bawled our (read: my) eyes out. I crocheted more on my blanket, and M hung up more decorations, even adding a camera to our ever-growing wall display. I took photos with a borrowed Nikon D50 and contemplated just skipping town so I don't have to return it. We woke up early because we couldn't sleep, grumbled about it, and then admitted to each other that it's nice having full days (well, M did. I already knew that.). 

What did you do this weekend? 

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