On staycationing.

What now seems like a long, long time ago, I took the whole week of Thanksgiving off of work. We weren't going anywhere until Thanksgiving Day (and even then, only an hour drive), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a week long vacation for the low, low price of three days PTO. What a steal!

I spent the week doing everything I imagine I'll be doing when I retire: quilting, waking up early, drinking lots of coffee and lattes, taking pictures, baking sweet things from scratch, and watching way too much TV. I love vacations as much as the next gal: the anticipation of visiting somewhere new, staying up late packing the night before, researching all of the places to eat and visit while you're there, charging up the camera. But there's something equally as magical to a staycation. I tried a new restaurant that I'd been meaning to, had a leisurely lunch and drank a beer with a friend, I stayed up late. I enjoyed my city the way I sometimes feel like I don't have time to in the daily grind of things.

Mike and I are going on a cruise come February, and I'm already itching for that to happen, but if someday we're not financially able to gallivant around the world, I know I'll be just fine with a few days off and some comfy PJs.

What's your favorite way to vacation?

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I just found your blog & it's awesome!