Made | DIY Mounted Animal Earrings

It's funny to me how much the trend right now is cozy-cabin-with-hunted-animal-heads-and-antlers-without-actually-killing-any-animals. The whole antler craze? My grandpa's been doing that for years before Anthropologie ever displayed a glitterized antler chandelier in its windows. But there's nothing like a little trend that ties back to my southern roots to get me wanting to jump on the bandwagon. I've made quite a few trips to the Artists and Craftsman Supply shop in Central Square the past couple months, and I kept walking by this display of tiny rubber animals. I kept trying to figure out ways to use them other than buying all of them and setting up a little farm on our bookshelf. These earrings were the only other option! They're super easy and would make a cute handmade gift this holiday.

All you need are some earring backs, super glue, scissors, and tiny rubber animals (or really any cute thing that you want to adorn your ears with).
1. Cut those little animals in half. 
2. Super glue each half onto an earring back.
3. Let dry for 24 hours. 
4. Pop those suckers in! Or wrap it up and put it under the tree. 
This year I'm trying to give a majority of handmade gifts. So often I find myself buying gifts just to have something to offer, and I think that giving someone something I made myself offers so much more than just stuff.

Have you made any gifts this year? For another DIY earring idea, check out this post. I'm making these tonight!


Cyndi said...

Cool idea, Mel! I'm wondering (not that I would EVER attempt this), but what if you cut them lengthwise instead of in half? I wonder what that'd look like. I'm envisioning something pretty cute, but lord knows it'd probably not pan out as I think it would!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!!