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My favorite thing about our apartment is how much of it Mike and I have made ourselves. Last summer, Mike revamped the furniture that was rotting on our old back porch, and he even built a new bench out of the spare wood. I got some cushion on sale at JoAnn's, some fabric, and made a cushion for the top.
Our kitchen is full of bright greens and yellows. We spend a lot of time in there, so it was important that it feel like a happy place, even in the endless night of winter. 
Mike and I bought this bread box at a thrift store in Vermont around our first year anniversary. We were already anticipating our September move into our very own place, and buying this first piece for our apartment felt so very romantic. Even now, stuffed with bagels and leftover banana bread, piled with Oreos, it feels like the first bit of a home we're building.
As convenient as it is to use Pinterest as a cookbook, I like the meditative nature of working from a stained and floury cookbook every now and then. 
Yes, that is a Megatouch. As in those table top games you see at bars. Mike won it at a Boys & Girls Club auction in Western Mass last year, and now it sits on a little bar in our kitchen, entertaining guests without fail.
One of my best friends Nabila painted that painting. She and I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when we lived together, so it's kind of nice having a bit of her there all the time. 
Where all the magic happens.
Mike's sister made this out of paint swatches. It's part of a really great series she did, and it matches perfectly with the colors in our kitchen. 
And here's our makeshift wine rack. It's not as impressive anymore; the holidays have drained us of our reserve. Guess it's time for another trip to Trader Joe's!

What parts of your house make it a home?

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