Made | Fingerless gloves

About a month ago, I bought a pattern on Etsy for fingerless gloves. Halfway through making the first glove, I realized that I didn't really like the pattern after all. The gloves would be long, which is cute but a little impractical when wearing a coat and multiple layers. So I went off book (or off PDF, rather) and shortened them up a bit. The best part about the pattern, however, was learning how to make that ribbed pattern with crochet stitches. I love that ribbed detail the most about knitted things, and always lamented being better at crochet than knitting, but now I've found a middle ground.

Any new crochet tips you've learned lately?


Christine D. | The Plumed Nest said...

learning to crochet is still on my to-do list. i used to knit but i found it bothered my shoulder too much. i hoping one day to take up crocheting. i love the gloves, they look great!

Elif said...

I tried to learn crocheting but I started off hard so I got bored of it. I really love your gloves maybe I should've started of with something like this too!