Made | thick, chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Since our birthday/housewarming party over a month ago, we've been swimming in bottles of wine. Mike doesn't drink wine, which leaves me intimidated by opening a whole bottle and finishing it within the week. (I can feel the disappointment from Cyndi and Meg. I've lost my college-days abilities!) So Friday I decided to invite some ladies over to help me polish off a few bottles without side eyes from Mike. My friend Clare was in town looking at grad schools, so it was the perfect excuse to throw together some snacks and uncork a few. 

No get-together is complete without dessert, and because of so many grocery store specials lately, we're knee-deep in chocolate chips. And even though I was craving the pure form of Smitten Kitchen's thick, chewy oatmeal raisin cookies, I knew what I had to do. We're running low on flour, so these were a perfect way to use the huge bag of Trader Joe's rolled oats in our cupboard as well as the lifetime supply of chocolate chips. I followed the recipe exactly, subbing chocolate chips for the raisins. But I definitely recommend the raisin version as well. They're divine. 
Clare actually ended up bringing chocolate chip cookies with her, so we ended up with more cookies than we started out with, but what kind of a person complains about that?


Cyndi said...

Is this our mutual friend Clare? SO fun!

Also, funny enough, I have this recipe bookmarked to make this week. I've been craving it. Can't wait to try it - and you know chocolate chips will be in it. How we do. #woollymammoth

Unknown said...

Yum! Oatmeal cookies are one of my favorites!