Made | DIY Fox Sweater

Poor Mike. Everytime he tries to get rid of clothes, I always find a few things in the pile that I want to keep. The most recent purge was a pile of sweaters, but I found a simple brown sweater that I loved. It's comfy and fits just right for those days when I don't want to wear anything that I own but my bus is arriving in two minutes. 

But a plain brown sweater can only go so far, and I had a pile of richly colored felt lying around that my mom and sister sent me for my birthday. That's when the idea for a fox sweater was born. I'd been eyeing the ones at Target for a while, but couldn't justify spending $24 on a trendy sweater. This DIY was the perfect solution.
First, I looked up "foxes" on Pinterest. I drafted a little sketch of the basic shapes before I started cutting out my felt. 
To make the base of the fox face, I folded the felt at one corner and cut a simple ears shape out so it would be symmetrical.
It worked! Next I cut out the basic face shapes: two "cheeks," a nose, and two eyes. Then I assembled them...
Then I sewed the pieces onto the base of the fox face with thread that coordinated with each piece. 
Then sew whole fox face onto your sweater.
I'm now officially on the look out for comfy plain sweaters so I can make a whole forest full of sweaters!

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