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I've been an avid baker since I moved to Boston for college. It became my offering to new friends, roommates, and to myself during particularly stressful times. And in the Boston winters, it was another way to heat up a cold apartment. It wasn't until this past year or so that I started experimenting with yeasts and breads. I'd hardly say I'm a pro, but seeing "yeast" or "knead" in a recipe doesn't scare me away anymore. 

Having this week off meant I could make those "let rise for an hour" recipes in my Pinterest without having to plan my weekend around it. So on Monday, I made this pizza bread

Dry active yeast in some warm water...

turns into this little science experiment. It smells like warm dough already, and you're only on the first step.

I can't seem to make anything without this little magic mixture of onions and garlic.
The toppings overpower the dough until you let it rise. Then they only sort of overpower it.
All I can say is wow. I used more than the recommended 1 1/2-2 cups of toppings, but this turned out exactly how I expected it to. I used mushrooms, bell peppers, leftover salami, and sauteed onions and garlic. Dip this baby into a little marinara and call it a night. 

Have you ever experimented with yeast in your baking?

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Eliza :: Case Study said...

Yummy! I've been eating mostly gluten free for a while now and still haven't perfected gluten free baking. It's so hard + I find that my breads never rise like I want them too. I'm still practicing! This looks delicious though - great job! New to your blog :) xoxo, eliza