Ladies' night.

I love entertaining. I've always been a homebody, so anything that lets me socialize from the comforts of my own home is a winner to me. I made some cookies on Thursday, and Friday night I raided Trader Joe's for a dinner made of snacks. Mike went out to Southie to hang out with his friends while I had some lovely ladies over for wine and conversation. It was a much needed break from my norm, and I look forward to the next time we can all gather in my mostly neon-green kitchen (apparently). Tomorrow is my last work day before a week long vacation! I'm taking full advantage of our offices being closed on Thursday and Friday, and I look forward to some time to catch up on the Christmas gifts I'm making.

My mom's quilt is coming along nicely. At this pace, I'll be done soon after Thanksgiving! Rachel's quilting DIY from yesterday encouraged me to get off the couch, turn up the Mariah Carey Pandora, and sew all of the squares into strips. Tonight I'll sew the strips together, then I'll have Monday and Tuesday to get the batting/backing/front sandwich together. If I can get the binding made before we leave for Mike's family Thanksgiving, I'll be binding in the car! I'm really excited to give this particular gift to my mom, who's always lived in warmer climates (think islands near the equator), so her recent move to Georgia has required a bit of adjustment to the "winters" there. She just cannot understand how I survive Boston winters. Ha!

Today I'm working from home, drinking a latte from the last of my cinnamon egg nog (need more!), and waiting for Meg to come for a visit. Happy almost Friday!

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