How to enjoy the Super Bowl when you know nothing about football.

I was excited last week when multiple recipes for chicken wings popped up on my Bloglovin' feed. Just assuming it was a coincidence, I pinned a couple of them. Then, when Super Bowl squares went up for sale at work, I realized that it wasn't just the world catching up with my love of chicken wings—the big February football bash was imminent.

I unapologetically care nothing about football. College, professional, flag—I don't understand the rules and I don't really plan to anytime soon. Now, what I can get behind is a night of finger foods, beer, and the chance to randomly win some money. So I bought four squares, and planned to make some baked wings and "seven" layer dip. (I say "seven" because Mike doesn't like sour cream—I ended up using Greek yogurt anyway—so it was missing a layer, but delicious it still was.)

I started by making the Pioneer Woman's recipe for pico de gallo, then threw some of that in some mashed up avocados with lime juice. I'm telling you, if you're like me and always assumed you knew what you were doing with pico, just take a look. She gave me the courage to throw in way more cilantro than I've ever dared and I'm never going back. The equal parts of the ingredients takes it way beyond salsa. Try it.

Next up were the wings. I wanted to make something comparable to the ten cent wings we get down the street at Midwest Grill, except not deep fried. Tall order, huh? Apparently not for Joanne of Fifteen Spatulas. Her recipe for crispy baked chicken wings is hands down the best I've ever made, and actually pretty simple. Whether you're a chicken wing addict like me or you just want to watch some sports without trekking to a bar, give this recipe a try.

Right, so how do you enjoy the Super Bowl (or any sports event that you couldn't care less about)? In three simple steps: Start the day with a great workout (my Pure Barre trial is almost up! review to come!) and an encouraging bus stop sticker; make some delicious food; pick not one, but TWO winning squares so your Monday consists of an envelope of cash; and when all else fails, cozy up on the couch and knit.

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