Made | Turban-style knit headband

This little headband is pretty close to my heart because it's the first thing I designed and made for my shop. It's a simple design, which is very much my style, and the little leather detail takes it from a keep-me-warm-headband to a little bit of a okay-this-can-be-considered-fashion.  
This little lady is pretty simple: it's a stockinette stitch sewed up and then cuffed with a little strip of real leather. Honestly, the hardest part is sewing the leather, but it's worth it. I love this robin's egg blue color, but I think I'll be whipping up some pinks and creams for the (alleged) spring. 
I've worn this thing on the way to the gym, for a quick walk to the store, or to cover up that I didn't have time to shower. I also love that it doesn't overheat my head so I can wear it even when I'm inside. 
 Want one of your own? These headbands are available in the shop.

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