Went | Philly for #SVDM14

This past weekend was the annual St. Valentine's Day Massacre party in Philly. My friend Shawn Elise has been throwing this shindig for the past three years—it all started in her living room!—and it's since grown into a bigger, open-to-the-public event. Sadly (for us) she was in Australia this year during the party, but the usuals gathered at my friends Nicole and Jay's apartment for the weekend to keep the tradition going. Unfortunately, the party coincided with Cyndi and Zander's romantic weekend getaway to Boston, but at least they got to use our apartment while we were away.

We've been to Philly more times than we can count, so we laid low, getting familiar with Nicole and Jay's new digs, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, treating ourselves to a Stephen Starr restaurant (Parc, which gave us a little taste of what to expect from Paris in August!), and watching a lot of Breaking Bad/SNL/Olympics. It was the perfect getaway for this hellish winter. I took Tuesday off, and we took our time driving back, stopping off at Phily Diner (why is it spelled that way!) for pancakes and then in Queens to have a quick lunch with Nabila. We hit some awful traffic on the way home from New York, but Cyndi's great note and gift were enough to bring a smile to our faces. Now we just need to plan to actually spend a weekend with Cyndi and Zander!

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