Where this summer takes us.

I think I will always be in awe of people who blog everyday. Perhaps they have some writing muscle that is much more toned than the one I cover up with baggy t-shirts and stretchy pants. I used to have a toned writing muscle, but somewhere along the way my priorities shifted.

These days I love for my fingers to have the peppery smell of my tomato plants or the sweet musky scent of vanilla. I'm meandering my way through a homemade dress that barely fits my boobs (someday I'll learn the art of altering a pattern to my body), and I'm one summer closer to mastering the art of ice cream making. I'm learning a new routine and enjoying the expanse of sunshine hours while simultaneously bad-mouthing the stint of 90-degree days I thought I'd left behind in Georgia.

This past weekend we traded cell phone service for a campsite in the Adirondacks. I bought Jiffy Pop and bacon at a general store that still uses a binder to keep track of locals' tabs. I stumbled through mossy woods and scrambled down slippery rocks—thinking of ticks the whole time—to swim in the Sacandaga River. Mike whittled (I use the term loosely) a tiny canoe and sailed a stick figure man complete with leaf hat down a tiny waterfall. We ate fire-blackened veggies and meat and 'mallows as the sun set behind the trees. We brought home leftover beer and bug bites, already thinking of next year's big group camping trip.


AbbieBabble said...

I'm always awed by those people, too. How do they do it? How do they even come up with that much content?

In other news, now I'm dying to go to the Adirondacks!

Cyndi said...

Beautifully written, Mel!

Jessica Wray said...

I have a hard time with dresses fitting my boobs as well. almost always.

love you blog, glad I found it!