Around here | July so far

This is more or less what my fourth of July weekend looked like. We finally tried Tatte in Kendall Square. The brownie was uh-mazing, but the Jeni's ice cream—I'm sorry—was overpriced. I'm glad I got it out of my system and have at least tried the legendary brambleberry crisp. It was all it's chocked up to be, but I won't be paying $4 for a half a scoop of it. It ain't gold. 

On the way to Tatte, we saw this very complimentary bit of asphalt. 
I sweated through my shirt baking these cookies and on the morning of Independence Day, I filled them with homemade coconut ice cream and rolled them in chocolate chips. Talk about something to celebrate!
We spent our Fourth of July on Jenna and Ron's porch, eating and sipping and laughing and sweating. Two years makes it a tradition, right? 
At first I was bummed we couldn't go anywhere for the long weekend, then I realized we had all kinds of time to do all the summer things. Like pick strawberries. 

 I spent most of the time running from bees. Mike was a natural on his first time berry-picking. He even presoaked towels in ice water to keep us cool! We scored on fresh farm eggs and homemade ice cream as well, then stopped of at the Natick Mall for some free A/C.

How's summer treating you?

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