A break in the silence.

It is officially summer here. We spent the Fourth of July on a friend's deck sampling saisons and homemade ice cream sandwiches. We kneeled on sticky knees in the cool grass watching fireworks from MIT. Wednesday felt like the last day of school; I squirmed in my seat and took an hour lunch break at the pool across the street. Each night our dinner and bed time got later and later, each morning we woke to the sun full in the sky. We have two baby tomatoes despite (because of?) the heat and unforgiving sun. We went strawberry picking and now have home made strawberry quick jam and strawberry graham ice cream in the fridge. We sought out air conditioned places: the movie theater for The East, the Natick mall, Target, our living room with the shades drawn and all the doors closed. I made a deal with myself that if I can make it to the gym three days a week for the next month, I can buy myself a new computer with freelance money that's coming in. Our trip to Hawaii is coming fast; the summer is always on its way out just as it arrives, so we're working on savoring.

How are you?

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