Going to New York.

Today I said goodbye to Mike for a full week. He's heading off on a five state/six baseball game tour with his dad and I'm heading to New York for the weekend. To be honest, New York City stresses me out. It's big, it's bustling, it's fast. I've grown so accustomed to Boston, with its residential neighborhoods and side streets and remaining hidden gems. New York just seems so exposed and claimed to me, it doesn't seem like a place I could ever make my own.

Of course these are all personal fears and insecurities that I'm projecting onto a city, but each time I make the four-hour bus ride down, I have a mix of excitement and crippling fear that I will make a wrong turn and spend the rest of my days wandering New York trying to find my way home.

I'm going to visit friends in Queens and Brooklyn, and hopefully be able to make a few stops along the way. Cyndi had serendipitously planned to be in the city this very same weekend, so we have plans to force her to visit a museum tomorrow and eat ice cream for every meal. Now ice cream for every meal, now New York is speaking my language.

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Maria Mendez said...

I totally understand how you feel. New York stresses me out with its noises and smells and crowded streets. Specially Manhattan but My gosh Queens and Brooklyn seem like another world to me. I love dumbo and williamsburg! They are so artsy and chill. Hopefully you'll avoid the chaos on the upper east/west sides and find something that makes you happy in NY.

Have fun!