Workspace Wednesday 1

I know what you're thinking: What is that amazing child's drawing?! First of all, no, I do not have a four year old child. Nor did I scan one of the many works of art my niece made for me. But I did follow along on a YouTube tutorial on how to use the pen and pencil tools in Illustrator. 

I started out by Googling Illustrator tutorials, and after half an hour of frustratingly Googling how to do all of the things the several tutorials I tried told me to do, I decided I was jumping too far ahead. (I have a tendency to do that.) So I backed it up a bit and learned the basics of using two of the basic tools. I plan to keep track of my progress here, whether it's learning Illustrator or Photoshop or sewing. Workspace Wednesday will be whatever I'm working on, even if it just looks like a crude children's drawing.

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