This beauty is Nabila, or Nabi for short. She moved into my apartment last minute during my final semester at college. She was going through a crazy break up that dragged on (as they do), and I was just beginning the what-the-hell-now? stage of post-college. After a heartbreaking moment with a mouse and a sticky trap, I thought for sure Nabila would never like me. But then we realized that we both loved whole milk and the six hour PBS version of Pride & Prejudice. We were partners in crime, borrowing each other's clothes to go dance at Middlesex with all of the other sweaty crazies. She was integral in our roommate dynamic: me, her, and Jenna waking up early on Valentine's Day that year to dress up in bright pinks and eat a smelly breakfast at Brookline Lunch. We took ourselves on a shopping spree at Salvation Army for books and at Goodwill for new lamps. We laughed so hard people walking by would turn to look at us (but we fit right in in Central Square). Some nights we'd boil meat or order Chinese food and lay in the living room until way past our bedtimes. She helped me through some embarrassing crushes, and I tried my best to help her through some messy breakups. 

It was so nice to see her thriving in Chicago. Hearing her boyfriend, Diego, talk about how they met with the admiration and love she deserves. Like old times, we ate too much, stayed up too late, and vegged out like it was our job. 

They're moving to New York in the spring, and I can't wait to be a short Fungwah bus ride away from these two. Diego quickly became my root beer float companion. 

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