Two years & counting.

Yesterday, Mike and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. Well, technically we celebrated on Saturday with a late breakfast out at Veggie Galaxy, some thrift store perusing, new coffeeshop scouting, a movie (Django Unchained was all I'd hoped; more to come on this), then homemade sushi. We rushed to the Korean grocer in Union Square after the movie, thinking they closed at 8PM, but they were open until 9PM, giving us more time to wander around. They gave us free scallion pancakes because they were so close to closing, and I discovered a new type of kimchee that I love. We didn't eat dinner until almost 10PM, but it was worth it.

On Sunday, we went to IKEA—the only store anyone willingly spends 3+ hours in. We got some frames for the paintings I made for Mike for Christmas, and I got some new organizational things for the office. We got the shelf and hanging bar up last night, and I'm so excited for the next time I work from home. The space is finally clearing out and uncluttering, making me want to spend more time in there.

We went out for wings with Meg after work yesterday then stopped at Trader Joe's for a few groceries (and a case of three buck Chuck, let's be honest), and when we got home Mike seemed particularly interested in the mail. I sorted through it and found that he'd sent me my anniversary card in the mail. He said, "I haven't sent you a letter in a really long time." I had to wipe my heart up off the floor with a dish towel.

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