Made | A dark chocolate cake with raspberries.

Did you know that my very favorite cake (and any baked good, for that matter) is the one that I am eating at any given moment? This cake is no different. I've had my battles with homemade cakes. That real, no nonsense, made-from-scratch cake magic is something I've yet to master, but something I plan to wrestle with until my dying day. (I plan to have a big bite of warm cake and cold coffee ice cream in my mouth when I go.)

My biggest beef with chocolate cakes is that they are never nearly chocolate-y enough. That all changed this winter when I found the Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder. It made these dark chocolate crinkle cookies so rich, and I hoped they'd do the same for this chocolate raspberry bread from Always with Butter. I was right.
This cake calls for several ingredients: buttermilk, raspberries (I used frozen), eggs, instant coffee (I used 2 tablespoons of really strong coffee and a little less buttermilk), but I think the most important ingredient is patience. I was so excited to use this new (to me) bundt pan and to see what it looked like when popped out that I didn't let the cake cool long enough, which is to say I didn't let it cool at all. I excitedly turned it over onto our cake carrier, and was left with, well, this:
 It's not very pretty—at all—but I was making this for the delicious taste of dark chocolate and raspberries, not to win any presentation awards. In the future, though, I'll wait a little longer before flipping the pan over. Either way, this thing tasted great still hot with some coffee ice cream on top.

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