I did it! The shop is open!

The things they made Etsy

You guysssss, I finally did it! The shop is open! I've been hemming and hawing, knitting and photographing, editing and editing and editing, and I've finally taken the leap. The things they made Etsy is now open!

I plan to get knitting on newer items, but I wanted to get the ball rolling now because, if not now, then when? And to welcome all of you to my newest endeavor, I wanted to extend a little thank you for following along with me with, what else?, a coupon code. Enter WOOHOO into the coupon code for 10% off any item through Sunday, January, 26, 2014. Not only is this my first Etsy shop, this is my first coupon code. Everything is happening at once!

If you have any custom requests (or advice for new Etsy shop owners), please reach out! Now go take a look!

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