Film | K&E wed, November, 9, 2013.

I'm officially at that age where multiple friends of mine are engaged or married. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in Katie and Emily's wedding last November, and though I was technically on Emily's side, it never actually felt like separate sides. We spent the morning running between hotel rooms, borrowing bobby pins and make up, and then we all rushed downstairs for pre-ceremony photos together. I was nervous all day, practicing my speech in whispers in the bathroom with clammy hands, but once those doors opened and we were all parading down the aisle in a statement of love and support and commitment to these two, all nervousness and fear was gone. Amidst the dancing and the wine and the multiple cupcakes and the group trips to the bathroom, giggling, I whispered to Katie and Em, "I'm afraid I'll never be this happy again!" 

It wasn't a real fear of course, it was just the realization that the love of others and your love for them all bunched up in one big room—well, I imagine it's similar to some kind of drug. If I'm having this much fun at friends' weddings, I can't imagine how much my cheeks will hurt at my own. 

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