Mike turns 26!

It was this guy's birthday yesterday! He turned the big two-six, and I spent the week before wrapping little presents and planning our camping trip this weekend. Making birthday cards always makes me reminisce about the year since the last birthday, and I can't believe I've known this kid for over two years. He came out of nowhere at a New Year's party in Saratoga Springs and we've been inseparable ever since. Even a mere hour drive (or two hour bus ride) to where he used to live didn't keep us apart, and I'm so thankful that we've lived in the same zip code for almost a full year now.  
We've been all over New England together, down to Georgia to visit my family (and the set of Walking Dead, of course), to Texas, Canada, and all over the ocean heading to the Bahamas. He pushes me to be a little more spontaneous and decisive and to turn every little thing into a song. Happy birthday my main main!

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