A Georgia wedding.

A couple weekends ago, I had the surreal pleasure of seeing an old friend get married. The wedding was in Georgia, so it was a family and friend reunion rolled into a long weekend. 
The venue was beautiful, tucked away above Atlanta like a little secret that we had to board a trolley to get to. It rained hard on Sunday, but the wedding was beautiful nonetheless, and the indoor setup was just as magical as the outdoor one. 
This was my first time meeting Devin, the groom, and he was as sweet as he'd been talked up to be. I miraculously made it through the ceremony but cried my eyes out during their first dance. 
Can I just say something? Sparklers as an exit for evening weddings is the most beautiful route to go. I mean, if you could catch and train a thousand fireflies to release and light up as you left, that might top it, but otherwise this is the way to go. And it made for some warm photos. 
There was so much love lined up there watching them go.
Overall it was an emotional weekend. It was a wonderful reminder that life takes us in all directions and we really have no idea where we might end up. What may seem like the biggest chance may be the catalyst for our favorite life yet. I have a feeling this is one of those for Ashley and Devin. 

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AbbieBabble said...

Friends weddings are the best. Particularly old friends. This one looks magical.