Step aside banana bread & Spring.

Happy first day of Spring! I was hit by a stomach bug yesterday and spent the whole day on the couch while it snowed outside. Today it's sunny, all of the blankets/pillowcases/towels I used yesterday are in the dryer, and the (once again) delightful smell of coconut is filling up my house. I'm catching up on all of the work I fell behind on yesterday, and I made this coconut bread from Smitten Kitchen on my lunch break. I put chocolate chips in the majority of the batter, but I put some pure batter in my tiny bread pan to see what it tasted like without. It is amazing.

Our seedlings are still doing amazing! Those zucchini leaves are twice the size they were when I took that picture. We planted more tomatoes, cherry this time, and we're reading up on city gardening thanks to the library. How's your spring going so far?

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