Can't get enough of The Equals Record

I found the Equals Record through one of favorite bloggers, Samantha Shorey of ashore. She has quite a way with a camera, an even better way with words, and she's currently getting her master's in Northampton (a place I discovered only in the last two years, but holds such a special place in my memory of my first year with Mike).  She, and so many other great writers, contribute to the Equals Record. Here are some of my favorite articles of late:

With the snowstorm that came right before the first day of Spring, I needed this little reminder about the beauty of the season: Snow Fall(ing) by Samantha Shorey.

I never thought to credit empathy to the books we read, but now I do: On Reading Fiction & Ethics by Carrie Ann Tipton.

Another thought on empathy: Lessons of Loss by Renee Pepmiller.

And a sentiment that I'm sure is familiar to most of us, Making My Time Worthwhile by Cindy Baldwin.

What have you been reading lately?

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