Went | Tanglewood in Lenox, MA

Yesterday, Mike and I headed west to Tanglewood for a live taping of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! The drive was long with traffic and a pitstop for homemade tuna sandwiches and McDonald's ice cream cones, but nothing worse than the final mile and a half stretch. Tanglewood is a beautiful campus of venues made famous by the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The puzzling detail about this place that fits over 8,000 people (the number of people at the show last night) is that it's on a small two-lane residential street in Lenox, MA. Just some more of that New England charm, I suppose. 

When we finally made it through the traffic, we sat in our seats just as the panel was coming out onto the stage. Though we'd both crossed our fingers and toes for Paula Poundstone, we were still excited to see Charlie Pierce, Amy Dickenson, and Tom Bodett. The special guest was classical pianist Emanuel Ax who surprisingly made us laugh until we cried. Seriously, I've only seen Mike laugh that hard when we saw Louis CK and Sinbad live. Who knew Emanuel Ax had it in him? 

I wasn't as big a fan of WWDTM as Mike was or as I am now. Something about seeing these familiar voices in person (Carl Kasell, hello?!) made me a lifelong fan. As we walked out, Mike complained that his cheeks hurt from smiling so much, saying, "If they're ever back around here, we're going again." 

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