Went | The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

My nephew had a football game Saturday afternoon, so we figured the Aloha Stadium swap meet was a good way to kill some hours before the game. I wanted to find myself another lava lava (what my family calls a sarong), and see if they had any good souvenirs. 
Before we left, we rented some boogie boards for our Sunday trip to Waimea Beach. 
The swap meet did not disappoint. It was so hot, but we cooled off with shave ice, frozen bubble tea (the taro was delicious!), fresh cut mango and pineapple as we dipped into each tent. We ended up buying mostly food: macadamia nuts, taro bread, guava and coconut cake, and fresh cut coconut, but the day was worth it. Afterward, we all piled into the car and my nieces were asleep within minutes. 
This last photo makes me laugh because there's an almost identical picture of me and my older sister, Bea. We're at Six Flags, and I'm staring at the ice cream she's eating while eating my own ice cream. It was fun getting to see the sister relationship as these two get older. 

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