Photos | Waiting for the snow.

This has been a week of wearing two pairs of tights to work each day, of worrying over what's going on with Mike's stomach, of working later than usual, of counting down to vacation week (we're currently at seven days!!). Last night we gathered at Jenna and Ron's for a dinner of homemade sushi to celebrate the engagement of two of my very good friends, Emily and Katie. They've added to my reasons for being excited about Fall, about 2013, about love. Yesterday, while gathering supplies at Trader Joe's, I impulsively bought this little set of paperwhites. But now that they sit on my table in the quiet morning light, I know I'd been meaning to get them all along. 

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AbbieBabble said...

It came! The snow! It came!

I hope you're having a cozy weekend- judging by your instagrams, you're enjoying the snow!