Made | A new look!

My overarching goal for 2013 is to keep learning. There quite a few things on the list of what I want to learn, but one that's been at the top for some time has been to learn how to customize this blog. I've come close to purchasing design services, changing my mind last minute because I knew I could learn to do it myself. It's hard to get bloggers to reveal their design and coding secrets, so when I saw that A Beautiful Mess and Elise Cripe had joined forces to create the Blog Design E-course, I signed up the day it was released. That, in combination with Head First HTML & CSS, Second Edition* by Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman, have helped me to dive into all of the backend mysteries involved with writing a blog.

I'm sure this space will always be a work in progress, but I'm happy with how far I've come with just a Sunday afternoon and a lot of trial & error.

Care to share any design tips you've come across?

*Full disclosure: I work for O'Reilly and was able to get a copy of this book for free. Either way, I'd still recommend it. 

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