Went | Mount Auburn Cemetery

On Monday, Mike picked me up from work and suggested that we stop at Mount Auburn Cemetery for a walk before heading home. I had a lot of things I wanted to do, so I begrudgingly said, "Sure, that's fine," but I'm glad he persisted. He's been wanting to walk around here for a while. Founded in 1831, it's known as America's first garden cemetery. Its private grounds have paved roads to drive through, but there are also smaller dirt paths that wind through. It might seem a little strange to spend so much time at a cemetery where no one I know is buried, but there's something amazing about this place. It's beautiful, yes—there are all different kinds of trees and plants that are labeled, and they provide a flora and fauna guidebook at the front entrance. There are famous people buried there—from artists and architects to activists. But mostly it's a quiet, well-kept place that seems to celebrate life while honoring those who came before us.

We plan to go back when it snows; I'm sure this place wears every season well.


AbbieBabble said...

I haven't been to Mt Auburn in years, but it's so lovely. I'm adding it to the list of places in Cambridge I need to revisit!

Miss B. said...

Love what you did with the sky gif, subtle but beautiful!