Oh yes, it is Spring after all.

In true New England fashion, today—almost a month after the actual first day of spring—feels like it, really, spring. Maybe it's the timing of the sunrise, the sky flushed and the early morning shadows of trees against the houses on my street as I leave for work, when hardly a month ago it was still coated in night. It might also be the feeling of a holiday, an eastern Massachusetts holiday—Patriot's Day—and the spirit of all those marathoners in town. There is something coming alive here and therefore in me also, I am starting to feel like there are enough hours, there are enough days, that I will get there, wherever there happens to be, and enjoying the journey, which often includes the figuring out of where there is.
Both photos taken on the way to Atlantic City, NJ, April 2013


Jess said...

Same here! I am in Ottawa, Canada, and we are finally getting some proper Spring weather. I only hope I`m not jinxing it ;)

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devorelebeaumonstre. said...

great photos!

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